House made tomato relish

Beetroot relish

Peach habanero Bbq sauce

Marmalade smoked tonkatsu Bbq sauce

Maple syrup chili pineapple vanilla relish




Bbq corn cob

Green apple coleslaw

Baked potatoes, sauerkraut, cream fraiche

Cassoulet spiced mixed beans

Cajun sweet potato oven baked fries

Collard greens, green beans

AED 25 per person per serving


AED 10 per person per serving


Smoked wagyu brisket

25 AED

Wagyu smoked beef ribs

35 AED

Honey glazed chicken wings

20 AED

Schubling sausage

25 AED

smoked ocean trout

30 AED

Wagyu beef cheeks

36 AED

Angus short rib

27 AED

Spiced chicken legs

22 AED

Cheese knacker sausage

25 AED

Smoked salmon

28 AED


Mixed leaf, green beans, shaved fennel, almonds, herb vinaigrette (V)

Cauliflower, quinoa, roasted fig, pomegranate, labneh, mint, orange blossom dressing (V)

Rare teriyaki beef, udon noodles, pickled Japanese vegetables, fried onion, bonito dressing

Chorizo, cauliflower, wild roquette, mint, popcorn shoots, preserved lemon, sherry vinaigrette  

Confit chicken, spelt, red grape, baby capers, celery leaves, fennel, raspberry verjuice dressing

Roasted beetroot salad, peaches, white asparagus, savory granola, cinnamon basil, verjuice (V)

Middle Eastern scented pilaf, raisins, coconut, coriander, honey, cumin vinaigrette

Duck, red witlof, orange, shallots, hazelnuts, baby beetroot, orange vinaigrette

Chicken, black grapes, walnuts, celery, miso mayonnaise

Heirloom tomato, Asiago cheese, olive soil, house vinaigrette (V)

Middle Eastern-inspired, barberries, almonds, beetroot and moghrabieh, mint, cumin yogurt dressing (V)

Tuna niçoise, heirloom tomatoes, olives, chat potatoes, white anchovies, mustard vinaigrette

Caesar, garlic encroute, quail eggs, turkey bacon, white anchovies, Elements sour cream dressing

Roasted beets, green beans, heirloom carrots, Persian fetta, black quinoa, dukkah spice, coriander lemon mayonnaise (V)

Roasted vanilla pears, shaved fennel, edamame beans, baby red oak lettuce, lemon, basil, truffle, walnut vinaigrette (V)

Beef sirloin, pickled papaya, Asian greens, aromatic herb salad, nahm Jim dressing

Pickled carrot, pearl barley, dates, raisins, Arabic aromatics, pine nuts, candied hibiscus, zaatar lemon vinaigrette (V)

AED 30 per person per serving


hot straight from the Robata grill


Zucchini - Eggplant

Asparagus - Artichoke

Shiitake Mushroom

Negima ( Spring onion )

Tomato - White Asparagus


Chicken Yakatori

Teba (Chicken Wing)

Tsukune (Chicken Balls )


Tsukune Shrimp (Prawn Balls)





Short Rib

Beef, Asparagus

Wagyu Skirt Steak

Enoki, Short Rib

Asparagus, Short Rib

Beef Yakatori

From 30 – 50 pax

Includes all equipment

1 Chef

AED 115.00 per person for 3 pieces each

AED 160.00 per person for 6 pieces each

AED 190.00 per person for 8 pieces each

From 50 – 100 pax

Includes all equipment

2 Chefs

AED 100.00 per person for 3 pieces each

AED 130.00 per person for 6 pieces each

AED 160.00 per person for 8 pieces each

From 100 – 150 pax

Includes all equipment

3 Chefs (2 tables)

AED 90.00 per person for 3 pieces each

AED 125.00 per person for 6 pieces each

AED 150.00 per person for 8 pieces each

Below are packages inclusive of all costs, full set up:


Warehouse #2, Al Quoz 4, 26th Street, Dubai PO Box 391345 – phone 04 321 2669 Email [email protected]

Elements staff are knowledgeable, professional and pride themselves on working to reflect our high standards. We believe that staff-manner and presentation skills are as important to the success of an event as the food.

The positions we believe are essential for a smooth and unforgettable event are as follows:

Supervisors @ AED 90 per hour minimum 4 hours

Wait Staff @ AED 80 per hour minimum 4 hours

Professional Bartenders @  AED 200 per hour, minimum 6 hours

Chefs @ AED 90 per hour minimum 4 hours

Stewards @AED 60 per hour minimum 4 hours


Minimum number of guests is 10.

All our pricing is inclusive of service charge and municipality taxes.

Additional packages for staff, beverages and equipment hire are also available (please refer to rate card).

A deposit of 50% is required for all functions

Confirmation of numbers is required 4 days prior to the event

Cancellation of the event within 48 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee


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