Fish n‍‍‍'‍‍‍ chips, green pea fluid gel, salt and vinegar chips

Venison, portobello mushroom, beetroot relish, t‍‍‍ruffle mayo

Lamb kofta sliders, pickles, green harissa, smokey eggplant relish, yoghurt mint raita

Ossobuco veal slider, braised radicchio, Asiago cheese, pancetta, roasted garlic aioli,‍‍‍ herbed cornetto

Soft shell crab, ‍‍‍n‍‍‍am Jim burger, Asian apple slaw, lime chilli aioli

Raspberry salami, marshmallow, citrus cucumber, olive, edible‍‍‍ skewer

SUKOSHI MORI "LITTLE FOREST” l‍‍‍emon myrtle ice cream, chocolate orange tuile, smoked chocolate mousse, bush toma‍‍‍to cream

Eton mess, red chocolate trifle shell, rose meringue, marshmallow, orange micro sponge



Croque Madame,‍‍‍ turkey ham, egg, Gruyere cheese, brioche

Elements Reuben, spiced pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, on rye

Teriyaki eel, soya gel, tamagoyaki, umeboshi gelatin, black rye ciabatta

Vada Pav, spiced tomato chutney, pickled vegetables, curried ciabatta  (V‍‍‍)

Wagyu rib eye steak sandwich, tomato relish, lettuce, pickles, smoked bbq mayonnaise

Confit chicken, spiced corn cylinder, orange marmalade, avocado, smoked choriz‍‍‍o, lavender salad

Smoked scallop mousseline, snow crab, sturia caviar, gold leaf

Not so m‍‍‍argarita lychee, mint, lemongrass, yuzu, reverse ‍‍‍Spherification (V)

Spiced cannoli, Cajun lime prawns, kohlrabi mint slaw, maple syrup and saffron mayonnaise

Chocolate cannoli, hazelnut nougatine mousse‍‍‍, orange marmalade salad

Spiced carrot coral, coconut gel, pineapple wafer, tamarind, coriander

Mini coffee cheesecake, salted caramel, chocolate ‍‍‍praline

Elements little big breakfast, mango, coconut egg, fig bacon, chocolate sausage, spiced tapioca

Strawberry mochi ice cream, apple and white pepper balsamic glaze

Kulfi scented nouvelle, freeze dried dates, Mango and pistachio, saffron fairy floss

Orange blossom infused labneh pann‍‍‍a ‍‍‍cotta,

pumpkin semolina cake, and pistachio glass biscuit

Lemon and lime curd tarts, blackcurrent clouds

Lavender panna ‍‍‍cotta, yuzu gel, orange candy, coconut feuilletine

Smoked Valhrona chocolate tart, yu‍‍‍zu‍‍‍ mascarpone, candied rose petal

Triple chocolate peppered lamington, raspberry cream, dried raspberries and coconut

ART PLATTER - selection of citrus jubes, anglaise, orange gel, popping candy

canapes Menu

Warehouse #2, Al Quoz 4, 26th Street, Dubai PO Box 391345 – phone 04 321 2669 Email [email protected] www.elemen‍‍‍

Table nibbles

Wasabi and miso salted popcorn, bonito flakes

Assorted candied Asian nuts

Orange, fennel, scented olives

Middle Eastern perfumed dates

Spicy edamame

‍‍‍Pimentos, garlic chips, sherry vinegar

Cold canapes

Persian feta, thyme waffle, truffl‍‍‍ed honey, fig (V)

"Wine and cheese", Japanese grape, brioche crumble, 24-month aged parm‍‍‍esan (V‍‍‍)

hot ‍‍‍canapes

‍‍‍‍‍‍Duck and beetroot macaroon, candied orange zest

Lobster taco, kimchi, lavender, avocado,
umeboshi and vanilla caramel

Wagyu steak Diane, white anchovies, cornichons, worcestershire and green peppercorn aioli, crispy shallots

Seared rare venison en croute, horseradish cream, blueberry flower salad, hibiscus salt

Seared rare tuna, liquorice sesame seed soil, macerated sake watermelon, lime candy

Salmon tartar, lemon crème fraiche, chives, caviar,  fennel scented cones

Potato puree, 65 degree egg, black truffle oil, dill and potato cris‍‍‍p, caviar,‍‍‍ truffle soil (V)

Scallop sashimi, yuzu, air dried ginger, asparagus, and shiso

Honey rosemary brioche, caramelized onion, pa‍‍‍rmesan custard, black truffle, thyme syrup (V)

Duck and mole cannoli ‍‍‍candied pepitas, lime cream

Savoury macaroon selection

Chipotle scented macaroon, Persian fe‍‍‍ta, oven roasted tomato, gremolata (V)

Satay chicken, kaffir lime, peanut macaroon, pickled cucumber, candied c‍‍‍hilli‍‍‍

Taco selection

Portobello ‍‍‍mushroom, edamame hummus, black garlic c‍‍‍aramel, beetroot relish (V)

Middle E‍‍‍astern brisket, truffled‍‍‍ sweet potato, dukkah spice, pickled cornichons, zattar caramel

Szechuan duck san choy bow‍‍‍, pickled carrot, coriander cress, water chestnuts, savoy cabbag‍‍‍e

Potato, spinach, cauliflower pakora, tandoori
besan batter, pomegranate yoghurt (V)

‍‍‍Chicken hot dog, house mustard, tomato relish, ‍‍‍potato crisps, dried onions

Seared scallop, duck prosciutto, pine ‍‍‍nut and raisin salsa

Baklava spiced quail, honey and thyme ricotta spring roll

Quail Kiev, garlic and tarragon butter, garlic leaves,
buffalo mozzarella, panko crumbs

Halloumi and pistachio gougeres, confit garlic
and sage dipping sauce (V)

Mini chicken shawarma, cornichons, confit garlic mayonnaise

Korean Taco, kimchi rice, sukiyaki bee‍‍‍f, yuzu t‍‍‍onka bean curd wrapped in fried seaweed

Braised beef cheek doughnut, parmesan frosting, garlic parsley sprinkles

Takoyaki sphere, yuzu aioli, ito‍‍‍gaki seaweed mix, teriyaki glaze  

Venison & pear “corn dog", ‍‍‍vanilla thyme mayonnaise, truffle mustard, bitter chocolate batter

Manchego, corn, pickled jalapeno croquettes, chipotle a‍‍‍ioli (V)

Dukkah scented quinoa burger, onion beetroot relish, coriander mayonnaise (V)


‍‍‍‍‍‍Katsu panko crumbed chicken, asian slaw, Japanese bbq mayonnaise, shiso

Battered fish, remoulade salad, edamame puree

Dessert canapes

AED 20 per table nibble

AED 70 per person 6 selections, 6 pieces per person
Recommended for a 2 hour function

AED 95 per person 8 selections, 8 pieces per person
Recommended for a 4 hour function

‍‍‍‍‍‍AED 120 per person 10 selections, 10 pieces person
Recommended for a 6 hour function



‍‍‍‍‍‍Elements staff are knowledgeable, professional and pride themselves on working to reflect our high standards. We believe that staff-manner and presentation skills are as important to the success of an event as the food.

The positions we believe are essential for a smooth and unforgettable event are as follows:

Supervisors @ AED 90 per hour minimum 4 hours

Wait Staff @ AED 80 per hour minimum 4 hours

Professional Bartenders @  AED 200 per hour, minimum 6 hours

Chefs @ AED 90 per hour minimum 4 hours

Stewards @AED 60 per hour minimum 4 hours


Minimum number of guests is 10.

All our pricing is inclusive of service charge and municipality taxes.

Additional packages for staff, beverages and equipment hire are also available (please refer to rate card).

A deposit of 50% is required for all functions

Confirmation of numbers is required 4 days prior to the event

Cancellation of the event within one week will incur a 50% cancellation fee


Smoked salmon, beetroot‍‍‍ relish, brandy snap, mustard cress

Cured vanilla tuna, pickled apple, fennel flower salad, preserved lemon curd

Prawn “popcorn"‍‍‍ dynamite, lime aioli, pickled ginger, seaweed cone, popping candy

Wagyu burger, saffron pickled zucchini, gruyere, truffled mayonnaise, brioche

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Salt and vinegar macaroon bag (V)‍‍‍

Confit duck parfait, ravigot, truffle mayonnaise, gold leaf, parsnip cone

Honeycomb, Black truffle pearls, corn almond crumble, garlic chive flowers (V)

Sea bass ceviche, edamame custard‍‍‍, caviar, edible newspaper