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Samantha Bliss Cooke was born in Melbourne, Australia. She split her years growing up between Dubai and Australia. Sam started working in the industry part time from the age of 15, later venturing into modeling and exploring her love of music as a DJ whilst studying Science and Business Management at university.

Sam found her calling in the exciting world of event management, as it allowed her to combine her passion for fashion, food and music. Working as an event Manager for Treat Catering in Melbourne she took control organizing a range of events from private intimate dinners, Australian grand prix to warehouse parties

Samantha moved to Dubai permanently in 2013 to begin working for a luxurious five star hotel as Group and Event Manager. After 18 months of Luxury experience adding to her 10 year background of hospitality, Sam is now ecstatic to get back to her passion of Catering and continue to blend cultures, passions in Dubai’s fashion hub.

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Samantha cooke

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